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Fresh Hope For Battle Against Breast Cancer

A treatment for Brittle Bones has a dramatic effect on breast cancer when combined with Chemotherapy.
The two drugs act together to dramatically slow the growth of tumours, according to scientists.
In tests on mice, the combination of drugs triggered a 'suicide' response known as apoptosis in the cancer cells, cuasing them to self destruct.
Breast cancer charities said the news was very encouraging. "The good news is the two treatments used in this study are relatively inexpensive and already used in the clinic. Therefore we should quickly see the benefits of giving women the best possible chance of beating breast cancer", said Pamela Goldberg, Chief Executive of the Breast Cancer Campaign.
The treatment involves the breast cancer chemotherapy agent doxorubicin and the bisphosphonate drug zoledronic acid. A clinical trial is now being done by Sheffield University. "Tumour growth was almost completely abolished in mice", researchers wrote in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.
(published in Metro, Wednesday 13 August 2008)

Malvern Race For Life 2 July 2008

Members of the group joined more than 1250 runners and walkers at the Three Counties Showground on the evening of Wednesday 2 July to participate in the Cancer Research UK race.

Group members warming up

P.E. (warming up)

The agony and the ecstasy

Agony and Ecstasy

Group members before the start


Part way round, umbrella prominent

On their way

The finish Line

Made it !

The group recovers

Recovery and Relief

The race was over a 5 kilometre (3.1 mile) course set out within the showground. It could be run or walked according to ability and / or inclination. The weather was kind as well - dry followed by a well timed drop in the temperature as the evening wore on. Congratulations to everyone who took part. (photo Irene Lacy).

Presentation of Fat Transfer Unit 8 April 2008

The Group's Annual General Meeting provided the opportunity for Darren Morris of Worcester Rugby Club (Worcester Warriors) to present a Fat Transfer Unit to Mr Thrush and Miss Mullan, Consultant Surgeons, of Worecestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust.

The Coleman fat transfer system uses the technique of liposuction from the abdomen or thighs and grafts this fat into the breasts in order to “fine tune” breast reconstruction, to disguise the edges of saline or silicone implants, and to fill unsightly dips left after breast surgery. The major advantages of this system are that it uses only natural tissue and requires only tiny incisions which reduces scarring.

Presentation by Darren Morris (on right) to Miss Mullan and Mr Thrush

Miss Mullan and Mr Thrush (centre) receive the Fat Transfer Unit from Darren Morris

Fat Transfer Unit

The Fat Transfer Unit


Mr Thrush, Cherry Robinson and Miss Mullan with the Fat Transfer Unit

Mr Thrush, Cherry Robinson (Group Chairman) and Miss Mullan before the presentation

Three Breast Care Nurses

Helen Thomas (left) and Linda Cooke (right), Breast Care Nurses with Linda Noble, President of the Group (& retired Breast Care Nurse)

The Fat Transfer unit has been paid for by the Group to provide additional benefits to patients. (photos John Lacy).

Evesham Hairdresser Ready To Help

AN Evesham hairdresser is ready to help women experiencing hair loss after completing a top London course in wig cutting.
Sally-Ann Tarver joined hairdresser to the stars Trevor Sorbie at his L'Oreal Technical Academy in London to develop her wig cutting and restyling skills to ensure wigs look natural and are customised to suit individual clients Ms Tarver, professional consultant trichologist, will now offer the service at the Cotswold Trichology Centre, where she is a director.
The 33-year-old is now recognised by Trevor Sorbie as fully trained in wig cutting and is recommended on his site
"It was a great honour to meet and work with Trevor for the day," she said.
"I am extremely passionate about my profession and my new wig cutting service, which is already helping some of my clients gain their confidence back."
Ms Tarver said: "I will take all the skills and the tips that Trevor shared with me throughout the amazing day and use them to help women regain their individual look, with not just any wig, but a wig that is professionally cut to give them back their shape and the style that makes them who they are."
(published in Worcester News)

The Cotswold Trichology Centre in Port Street, Evesham, specialises in treating men and women for common and unusual hair and scalp problems.
The centre has fully qualified trichologists who can treat conditions such as alopecia and sudden hair loss.

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