Our Meeting Program

Monthly meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month from 2pm until 4pm. The venue is St Andrews Methodist Church, Pump Street, Worcester; unless indicated otherwise on the program. The meeting room is on the first floor. Map and directions. The August meeting is always held at an alternative venue.

Other meetings and social events are held from time to time and these are included in the list below. Bookmark this page and look back for changes!!

Our 27th year
12 December
Christmas 'Get Together'
Our 28th year
9 January
Open Meeting
13 February
Inspired Gift
Speaker Rosemary Prosser
13 March
Ugly House Crafts
Speaker Jane Spencer
10 April
Annual General Meeting
8 May
Question Time
Breast Cancer Care Nurses
12 June
Understanding Dimensia
Speaker Susan Pinfold-Brown
10 July
Visit to Walled Gardens
Speaker Julie Scott
14 August
Summer Lunch
The Retreat
11 September
Quizmaster Alan Dufty
9 October
Eckington Manor Cookery Demonstration
13 November
First Ever Remembrance Sunday
Speaker Paul Harding
11 December
Christmas 'Get Together'

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