Fund Raising News

We are pleased to say Thank You to all our fund raisers, including the anonymous donor sending money each month through payroll giving.

The Group raises funds to provide additional equipment and facilities at Worcester Royal Hospital to enable the professional medical team to provide a more comprehensive service to breast cancer sufferers coupled with the best care possible.

23 November 2013 Christmas Party

The party again made use of the Whittington Village Hall for the annual social.

Thank you Beverley for taking the pictures.

14 July 2013 We Got a Heat Wave !!

St Swithin's Day is due tomorrow and there's hardly a cloud in sight!

Lunch at the Presidential Palace in Droitwich Spa. A very successful lunch event, as ever hosted by Linda and Kit.

A very successful lunch - thank you to the organisers, the workers and especially the cooks. And thank you Linda and Kit for the use of the Palace.

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